11 Apr 2009 By-Pass & Arch Top Shutter/ClosetMaid Wood Closet System

Being part of the largest Window Covering Franchise in the world allows me to make many wonderful friends. Recently, I worked with Wade and Phyllis Shanklin, and they proved to be just that. They are wonderful people with great taste and I truly took great pleasure in helping them make their house their home.

The Shanklin’s had several concerns for which we needed to provide solutions. To begin with, their beautiful Landfall home came with three large sliding glass doors. Each door provided a wonderful view to the rear of the house, which included viewing the pool and the golf course. Providing a covering for this opening needed to be functional, beautiful, and allow for great visibility to the outdoors. To keep the uniformity throughout the home, we decided to install Norman Open By-Pass Plantation Shutters, since shutters with a 3 ½” louver is what was selected in the rest of the house. An Open By-Pass Shutter allows for much privacy, light control, easy operation, and beauty. It operates much like the sliding glass door itself, allowing for convenient entry and exit. The louvers allocate light control and privacy, while the Open By-Pass feature permits the doors to be open and not obstruct the view. A wonderful choice for sliding glass doors.

The Shanklin’s also had a concern with their front entry doors. Containing arched topped glass and stained in color, this opening can be a challenge to treat without taking away from any of the elegance and beauty. There is a great solution and it worked very well. A stained, wood, arch top shutter is a perfect selection. This keeps the beauty of the door intact and gives the Shanklin’s the needed privacy. Many people don’t realize that leaving front doors uncovered can reveal much at night when the lights are on inside the home and it is dark outside. Privacy is no longer available. Treating it with this product not only solved the problem, but also added to the beauty of the door and tied in nicely with the other shutters located inside the home.

Finally, in solving the Shanklin’s organizational needs, they asked us to help them organize their closets. After consulting with them and determining their wants, needs, what they had contained in their last closets, and their budget, we were able to design the closets to fit their individual needs. They chose the color Chocolate, one of the newest colors in Wood Laminated Closet Systems by ClosetMaid. This added a great richness and sophistication to their beautiful new closets.

I meet many friends in my career and Wade and Phyllis were no exception. I count it a joy, a privilege, and just plan fun working with such wonderful people. They are not just customers, but they are now my friends.

RaDonna Torgeson     Call 910-790-3630

Window Treatment Specialist and Closet Designer

Open By-Pass Shutter


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Arch Top Stained Wood Shutter

GetAttachment[3] (2) DSC00289

ClosetMaid Wood Laminate Closet

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ClosetMaid Garage System

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